Due to the condensation induced downtime of the SABRE mainframes over the weekend, Professor Glint was unable to present AC Electronics Theory 4 Segment 1 to his students yesterday. The following is that presentation.

All students are required to hand in their Practice Record sheets after the holiday break and print out and begin populating a new Practice Record sheet. If you misplaced your sheet, you can print out a new one here.

As you may know, there was a blackout in the lecture wing this afternoon and many students were sent home. The blackout was caused when maintenance staff incorrectly placed a protective relay on the electromagnetic transmission line. They expect to have the problem repaired this evening. In an attempt to prevent the delay of the lesson itinerary, the following videos have been uploaded to ensure affected students don't fall behind.

Firstly, Professor Glint was going to present the following information to the AC Theory 1 class. The following is segment 5 of the workbook.

AC Theory 1 Segment 5

Secondly, in the Electronics 4 class, Professor Sims would like his students to answer the following transconductance question for homework. This is due tomorrow and can be placed in his pigeonhole.


Finally, the year 5 Health teacher, Mrs Ronson, would like her students to watch the video they missed today.

Thinkabout 3: Blockbusting