The Monroeville Music Center was founded with the aim to offer the highest possible standard in musical education to everyone, from beginners to post-graduates, from toddlers to seniors, from gifted musicians to those who just want a rewarding past-time. Our mandate is to never turn away a potential student. The ultimate goal of the Monroeville Music Center is to unlock the musical potential of each and every student, and very often we greatly exceed this goal.

The Monroeville Music Center is an unregistered non-profit organization. Any and all monies generated are directed into the running costs of the Center. Our income is limited to the selling of physical copies of student works, concert performances and music royalties. However, with high over-heads and no grant or subsidy, it is difficult for the Center to have competitive prices. Instead, it provides unmatched quality of education and a whole range of superb additional services and facilities free for those who take regular lessons here. Partly due to budgetary constraints, not all instruments are taught at the Center, just as not all musical classifications are taught. There is no shortage of choices for musical education in today's society, which is why we have chosen to limit our scope to that of a small subset of instruments and musical genres.

There are currently about 75 full-time students of various ages who attend the Monroeville Music Center, and another 25 or so part-time students who attend various lectures, group playing activities, musical appreciation discussions and lab courses. We currently have thirteen teaching staff.

If you follow our activities by signing up for our newsletter, you will see what makes the Monroeville Music Center so very special. You will see that we offer a vast array of musical services, from courses ranging from Stochastic Mathematics and Punch Card Sequencer Composition to Talmark Notation and Aleatoric Music Theory to Electronics Fundamentals with Modular Synthesis Lab to Musique Concrète with Tape Splicing Lab, and everything in between. Our facilities are equipped with two donation-based electronics labs, several classrooms, twenty four private rehearsal and recording rooms of various sizes, three concert rooms, an extensive library and archive, and a modest cafeteria and even a squash court. Feel free to book a tour on our contact page or take a look at our photo gallery.