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Teacher's Aide

Equipment Maintenance

Electronics Technician

Bus Driver


Guidance Counselor



Doreen Zimmerman
Administrative Assistant


Our Faculty Over The Years...

Back row L to R: Kira Brobst Adams, Angie Conrad, Dennis Schock, Conrad McHugh, Jason Donadi, MarĂ­a Montero, Jon Garber, Nancy Kruzik, and Kim Reinart.
Front row L to R: Heather Dowd, Teri Mirarchi, Shannon Fannock, Karen Gallagher-Flyte, Carl Brown, Arthur Garfield, Michelle Day and Karen Morris.

Back row L to R: Colin Maltman, Jason Donadi, and Colin Maltman
Middle row L to R: Ronald Frasier, Heather Dowd, Anne Braid, Sheila Cutworth, and Conrad McHugh
Front row L to R: Isabel Gerrard, Miriam Cole, Margaret Harrison, Douglas Stafford, Betty Watt, Anne Weston, and Sonam Fekety

Back row L to R: Margaret Harrison, Eileen Dobie, Cheryl Hunter, Betty Watt, Lynda Pratt, and Sheila Turnbull
Front row L to R: Coleen Scott, Jason Donadi, and Terri Houston

Back row L to R: Rena Buchan, Kyle Reid, Jason Donadi, Pat Wilbraham, and June Moir
Middle row L to R: James Kinghorn, Joan Burt, Elaine Jessiman, Catherine Hendry, Joyce White, Amor Taylor, and Anne MacLeod
Front row L to R: Morna Roja, Kathy Graham, Dorothy Cumming, Malcolm Gillespie, Brian Childs, Grace Watson, and Kim White