Cave & Castle Cassette

We are proud to announce that a new cassette album has been released today from the fine folks at Illuminated Paths. We hope you enjoy it.


Choose Your Own Adventure Cassette Edition

Greetings from the customer retention office of the Monroeville Music Center.

We have initiated a voluntary recall of one digital album due to shoddy workmanship caused by a rushed production deadline. Our quality assurance overseer maintains that the low quality product was price-adjusted to reflect the inferior product (in fact he assures me that he felt so strongly about it that he reduced the price to $0.00). You may take solace in the fact that the quality assurance overseer responsible has been promoted out of his position in the digital department and into the DVD and cassette department.

The product affected by the recall can be identified with the following information:

Album title: Choose Your Own Adventure

Neither the Monroeville Music Center nor Health Canada have received reports of consumer incidents or injuries related to the use of this product.

At this time we recommend that you replace your defective item with a compact cassette version of Choose Your Own Adventure. Regretfully, we are not authorized to waive any charges. We apologize for this inconvenience. If you would like to receive a replacement album on cassette please purchase one here. Please understand that this is a voluntary recall and you are under no obligation to participate.

We apologize for any inconvenience or discomfort this situation has caused you. Thank you for your time.


Audio Periodical Subscription

As an avenue to further showcase the talent of our students, as well as give them a platform to share what excites them about their studies, the Monroeville Music Center has decided to launch an Audio Periodical Subscription.

The Monroeville Music Center Audio Periodical is a quarterly audio cassette digest curated by the staff and students at the Monroeville Music Center. Cassettes are mailed out in the first week of the month in January, April, July and October. New subscribers will receive the next issue. We have settled on what we feel is an affordable price to subscribe at $8 for Canada, $10 for USA and $15 for international subscribers. This amount will be collected every three months starting on the subscription sign-up date. Please do get in touch if you find that price to be prohibitive.

If you would like to subscribe, you can do so here.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Moon Ball

The Monroeville Music Center has a song on this Crash Symbols compilation:


Choose Your Own Adventure

Written and published as quickly as possible (much like the book series of the same name), this Choose Your Own Adventure album is now located on the young adult paperback rack in the library.



Some friends at We Are Muesli created "a visual novel made with Ren'Py for Bosch Art Game international competition 2013. Inspired by the works of Jheronimus Bosch." And all of us here are excited to add that it features several songs composed and recorded at the Monroeville Music Center. This project is available to everyone at no cost here.


Le Progrès DVD is available now.

Joshua Rogers of Broken Machine Films has consolidated a very telegenic collection of videos to accompany the music on the Le Progrès EP. This effort is now available on a digital videodisc (DVD) under the Crash Symbols imprint. It is sold out from the Monroeville Music Center.

monroeville music center - en route... from broken machine films on Vimeo.

monroeville music center - le progres the dvd promo 01 from broken machine films on Vimeo.

monroeville music center - dvd promo 02 from broken machine films on Vimeo.


Le Progrès



Electronic Encounters

The following compilation contains one Monroeville Music Center song.


les défauts des fabrication

Originally, this musical release was indended to be a plate with four songs machined into it on a lathe. But due to a critical failure in the diamond lathe needle, accompanied by a crippling worldwide diamond shortage, the plant had to close its doors. The only alternative was to implement a different medium for the circulation of the songs, and with Electric Voice having spares of an appropriate length and width of spooled magnetic tape, the songs were painstakingly and faithfully transferred to a limited number of musicassettes. Both side A and side B contain the same material, and can be operated in most modern cassette players. You can purchase it here: http://www.electricvoicerecords.com/catalog/


Suggested Viewing

For your auditory and intellectual edification:


Recent Activity

The following are some photographs of recent activity at the Monroeville Music Center.

Arthur is adjusting the voltage in the power supply project. Watch for sparks!

Henry (foreground) and Graham assemble their VCO kits.

Graham using an alternate method for chassis assembly.

Younger students Phillip (left) and Daniel (right) work under the supervision of Carl Weibe, Electronics Architecture Comprehension Specialist for Primary Grades.

Year 5 student Jeremy shows off his tonewheel assembly to his proud parents.

Year 11 students acquire both the mathematical theory and practical knowledge of a wide variety of topics. Today's lesson: the Lissajous Figure.


Generic Product Manufactured

Thanks to the gracious accommodation of the Bug Incision proprietor, the Generic Product album was performed in full. One can note in the sound recording that the master tapes have deteriorated significantly since their original archival mere months before. The utmost care was taken to preserve the original recordings of the backing tracks, however certain extenuating circumstances has led to significant degradation of the iron (III) oxide (Fe2O3) powder coating on the tapes. This was caused by a miscommunication between the curator and custodial staff of the Monroeville Music Center. Essentially, not enough emphasis was placed on the restriction of unauthorized persons entering the archives, namely the younger students of the Center. I am told that a certain fourth-year student was allowed (or simply not prevented) entrance into the tape archives, where various master tapes, RCA Photophone reels, and other classified materials are located (much of which is on wire recordings). This student must have propped a door open long enough for some moisture to pass through the climate control curtain and enter the archives, causing slight condensation to form on some of the metal tape canisters. Once the restoration department was notified, it was too late. Some of the iron oxide had already deteriorated due to the presence of Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid in the water particles that entered the room. We are told that the proximity of the Windsor Salt plant is the reason for these acidic particulates. According to the restoration department's audio engineer, "the resultant audio signal from the master tapes is therefore distorted, and unpleasant." Nonetheless, a facsimile was made of the master backing tracks, which is what is heard in this recording. In order to discipline the student responsible, he was required to volunteer in the restoration department for a period of one month, as well as reenact the synthesizer accompaniment for this recorded performance. We are certain that this punishment, especially the latter, will prevent this from ever happening again. This retributive concert can be heard here, as all proceeds will go towards the further restoration and preservation of any and all archives damaged by this misdeed.


Monroeville Music Center is on this compilation: Asapizza Anal Compilation


R.I.P TI99/4A


A poem composed by a Monroeville Music Center student about their beloved friend:

Life is Fleeting, Your Memory Deleting

How I miss your internal clock
Beating next to mine
Your machine code queries were ad-hoc
Dearest TI99

The right TI BASIC algorithms
Were always hard to find
Our time was too short
When TI you were mine all mine

And I know, I know you had no choice
But I how I miss your speech synthesized voice
Text to speech singing right with mine
About your birth on the assembly line

The warmth of your thermal printer
warmed my heart at night
The gentle sound of your cassette drive
with its comforting green light (emitting diode)

I'll take your gold plating
and smelt in a pot
a necklace I'll wear
so you're never forgot